Friday, December 18, 2009

post review

Oh! here is the video I showed at my review. Please excuse the dark graininess:

Did: I gave my review!

Accomplished/Discovered: I feel really good about my review. I think gathering everything along with all of my thoughts into one presentation was really helpful for me. I also feel really positive about my feedback. I came away from the discussion with two main points in mind:
1. The panel was interested in the fact that I am walking a line between having an "activist-minded" project and doing "something else". A boundary between science in art and a boundary between a campaign and a work of "fine art" (perhaps?). I was encouraged to keep exploring this boundary even if I don't have answers.
2. There is a real need for CONTEXT in the project. i.e. if I want the audience to be aware of the plastic pollution problem they need to know more factual information about the problem. They might need to know how many milk jugs were used, where they came from, over what period of time...etc. This would emphasize that my art itself is made from recycled materials. I should also think about what I am going to do with the work once IP is finished. But I will need to be careful about how I integrate this information.
Obviously, this is my personal take on my feedback so I will be interested to see what kind of comments came out of the review.

Do: ENJOY break. (& maybe do some occasional milk jug cutting and thesis writing... maybe)

Friday, December 11, 2009

scuuuba in the pool

Did: arranged tank rental (1 hr)
signed pool contract (1 hr)
milk jug work (2 hrs)
picking up equipment/transporting to pool (2 hrs)
time in pool, setting up & photographing (3 hrs)
editing photos/video/working on presentation (3-4 hrs)
returning tank/cleaning equipment (1 hr)

Accomplished/Discovered: I feel like I did a ridiculous amount of leg work to get into the pool this week. There were so many things that could have gone wrong and almost/sort of did. I am hoping that now that I have figured all of this out, the process should be much easier. I arranged for a tank rental last Friday, picked it up this Wednesday, went to the pool on Wednesday night, and returned the tank yesterday afternoon, whew! Then I had to sign a contract for the pool rental... that was a process... Once I had moved everything to the pool I started setting up my equipment. Unfortunately I had a slight equipment malfunction over which I had a short anxiety attack, but I was still able to dive in the pool. Yesterday afternoon I dropped off all of my scuba equipment to be checked out.

The actual pool experience, however, was phenomenal. In a serendipitous turn of events, a classmate of mine (Jake) from my "Creating Art Outdoors" class, has been working on a large plastic piece with the intention of using it in a lake or river. Ideally it would partially fill with water, and the edges, which are inflatable, would help keep the water in. I told Jake about my project and he decided to bring everything on Wednesday as well. Since the piece is actually pretty big, it became a great background for my work.

We were able to play around with a lot of variables. He had rented lighting equipment from the Duderstadt and that created an amazing glow in the pool. We were able to shut all the lights off in the pool as well.

The entire experience was incredibly surreal. Jake's piece looked like a giant inverted jellyfish.

When he began swimming in it it actually looked as if he was encased in an enormous egg-like structure. His silhouette went in and out. Sometimes I would see just his hands pressing on the interior of the structure and the rest of his figure would be lost in a hazy shadow.Here are more images from the evening:
Do: Now I need to focus on getting ready for my December review on Tuesday... That will include editing more photographs by that time. Over break I also need to start thinking about what will really be important for me to photograph at my next pool date (Jan. 13th). Then I can actively start to build it :D

I am also super excited just to have some down time over break... I can't wait :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Did: Hours & hours of plastic collecting, cutting, stringing and experimenting. Prep for Dec. 9th pool photo shoot. (6+ easily)
Contacting Rec Sports supervisor about pool date (1/2 hr)

Discovered/Accomplished: Potentially one of the most important things I discovered this week was that I cannot continue to hot glue plastic milk jug pieces in my studio. I have to start doing this in a ventilated area... I guess I didn't realize that gluing the pieces was releasing fumes until I stood up... haha... its sort of funny... kinda.

This week I feel like I became really inspired to create new forms with the plastic. Part of that is a result of coming across some new images of underwater life. I am working on creating a sphere of plastic using much smaller milk jug pieces, glued together around a form (pink plastic kiddie rubber ball). I am hoping that I will be able to put an underwater flashlight inside the sphere to make it glow from the inside. I also made new forms with the milk jug handles where I attached plastic bag pieces to one end. This form will be able to inflate... inflatables are something that I am starting to think more about. One of the problems I am encountering is the time consuming nature of mass producing the kind of forms I need. Inflatable forms would allow me to take up much more space in an underwater environment without as much labor intensive work cutting and gluing...

Do: I need to begin working on my practice presentation for Thursday. My first photo shoot with scuba equipment and a pool to myself is this upcoming Wednesday!!! I am really excited, but I know that I have a lot of preparations to make. I need to finish the spherical form so that I can experiment with it on the 9th.

*I will post photos soon!